Daily Routine

Good morning!

Breakfast is served, as well as fresh water and a fresh litter tray.

Medications are administered as required.

After breakfast our rooms are cleaned while we rest and digest on a comfy chair or our favourite bed. Maybe out for a stroll in the private courtyard for some fresh air and sunshine. Whatever the weather, it is protected from sun and rain.


Once Catopia is open…

Some of us go home to our families.

Some new guests come to stay.

If you have booked a ‘one on one’ Enrichment session, now is the time I get that extra pampering, exercise or games to stimulate my highly active mind!
Some of our Enrichment Activities are:

  • Pampered Puss – a luxurious one on one brush and massage
  • The Hunter Games – Mouse chase, Laser play or ping pong for the active body.
  • Hide & Treat – Food puzzles for the active mind.


3 pm – Dinner Time

Our water is topped up for the evening, we have our dinner and our trays are scooped again.

In summer we don’t close up the buildings too much taking advantage of the cool air, but in winter we shut down early to stay warm.