Terms & Conditions

1. Cats are to arrive at the establishment in a suitable carry cage or harness / leash. The cat is the responsibility of the owner until secured in an enclosure.

2. Cats belonging to the same household may be housed together with the owners permission.

3. Cats over the age of 6 months must be sterilised and sterilisation certificate must be provided.

4. Cats must be fully vaccinated and up to date with their annual booster. Current documentation must be provided.

5. Cats should be wormed the week prior to admission.

6. Cats should be flea treated with a recognised treatment the week prior to admission.

7. Any cat presenting with evidence of worms or fleas will be treated with an appropriate product and owners charged accordingly.

8. Any cat presenting with symptoms of Cat Flu, ringworm or other contagious disease will not be accepted unless a vet can confirm the cat is not contagious.

9. Elderly or infirm cats, or cats with a pre-existing medical condition should be vet checked prior to boarding and only boarded on the vets’ recommendation.

10. If a cat shows symptoms of ill health or becomes unwell during their stay, or there is cause for concern for the cat’s health, the cat will be referred to a veterinarian and owners will be billed directly or on-charged accordingly.

11. There will be a fee of $28 charged and payable to Catopia for the cat to be transported to/from a veterinary clinic.

12. The owner agrees that the establishment will not be held responsible for any illness, loss, injury or death of the cat during or after it’s stay in the boarding facility, providing all due care has been exercised.

13. Fees: The owner agrees to pay all boarding fees in advance, and all other charges including extra nights, transport and/or treatments prior to departure.

14. For all on-peak season bookings, a non-refundable deposit of 50% (up to $100) is required to confim your booking. Whether the booking has been paid in full, or just a deposit, the deposit will not be reimbursed should the booking be cancelled.

15. No refunds will be given on early departures should you return to pick up your cat prior to the booked date.

16. The establishment reserves the right to refuse accommodation on any grounds.

17. The establishment reserves the right to re-home any cat/s not collected within 14 days of the departure date advised by the owner. The owner remains responsible for all fees and charges until the cat is collected or rehomed.

18. I acknowledge that I have read and understood these terms and conditions, and that I am entitled to a copy whenever required.